Our Purpose

The National Association of Cannabis Professionals (NACP) is a registered non-profit, and self-regulating body of cannabis consultants across Canada. Through principles of inclusion, equity, accountability and leadership, the NACP ensures that cannabis consultants meet expected standards of ethical and professional conduct.
The NACP also administers the National Cannabis Health Consultant Certification Examination.


Our Mission

The primary mandate of the NACP is to protect the public. The NACP ensures that cannabis consultants are qualifie and competent professionals providing safe and effective services to the public.
The NACP systematically engages in quality assurance activities to support the professional growth and development of its members.

Meet the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides governance and vision for the NACP. Their diverse backgrounds are an asset to the association and contribute to the overall success of the NACP.  The board works with an advisory group to establish the NACP’s strategic direction, develop long term plans and support the safe practices of cannabis consultants.


Carolyn Tinglin, President

Carolyn is the founder of the NACP. She has over 18 years of health care experience as a Registered Nurse. Carolyn’s professional experience includes work in a variety of patient care settings including cardiac care, mental health, addictions and health aging where she has been a long standing proponent of holistic care. With over 10 years of experience as a Director of Nursing, and Nurse Educator, Carolyn brings her healthcare administrative skills to the NACP. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, Carolyn holds a Masters degree in Science from McMaster University as well as a Masters degree in Education (in progress) from VIU.
The culmination of her health care, education, and social services experiences, give her unique perspectives of the cannabis industry. Carolyn is a football fan who enjoys the beauty and wonder of western Canada.
Responsibilities: Accreditation, Practice Enhancement.

Karen Northover, Director

Karen Northover hails from London England and now currently resides in the Tampa area of Florida. She is a graduate of University of Charleston with a Masters degree in Business & Strategic Corporate Leadership and holds degrees in Business and Healthcare. Karen works as a Healthcare Executive Director, Licensed Administrator, and has managed several nursing facilities in the US, England and Canada. Karen is a foodie who enjoys traveling throughout North America and Europe to sample eclectic, trendy and fine foods.
Responsibilities: Complaints, Practice Investigations, Risk Management.

Jaimie Richards, Director

Jaimie has been a medicinal cannabis patient for over 5 years. Jaimie’s background is in client education and cannabis advocacy. He is a strong legalization advocate who supports the safe and responsible use of cannabis. Jaimie is a music lover who produces his own music in his spare time. He is proud to call Toronto home.
Responsibilities: Professional Development, Member Support.

Sandra Mastandrea, Director

Sandra has over 15 years in the legal administration field. Most of her work experience has been in the mental health and personal injury sectors, working for both non-profit and government agencies. Sandra specializes in business and administrative management and she is currently working on her CIP designation thru the Canadian Institute of British Columbia. Sandra enjoys camping in the great outdoors of BC.
Responsibilities: Privacy Officer, Administrative Management.