NACP Professional Standards Overview:

  1. Responsibility and Accountability
  2. Ethical Conduct
  3. Client-focused Service Delivery
  4. Commitment to Professional Development

Responsibility and Accountability

  • Maintains current NACP registration
  • Maintains own physical, psychological and emotional fitness
  • Performs duties according to experience, skill, employer policies, and all relevant cannabis legislation
  • Is accountable and responsible for own professional decisions, actions and professional conduct
  • Seeks guidance and direction as required
  • Advocates for the safe use of cannabis and cannabis products

Ethical Conduct

  • Demonstrates honesty and integrity at all times
  • Represents self clearly and accurately with respect to name, title and role
  • Protects customer information and maintains privacy and confidentiality
  • Identifies ethical issues, recognizes potential conflicts; takes action to prevent or resolve them
  • Recognizes and reports the incompetent or unethical conduct of another cannabis professional to the appropriate authority
  • Treats colleagues, students and other co-workers in a respectful manner

Client-focused Service Delivery

  • Helps the client to learn about cannabis products, related wellness and how to access appropriate cannabis-related services when necessary
  • Communicates and collaborates with colleagues to provide the best client experience
  • Educates the client about the use and misuse of cannabis products

Commitment to Professional Development

  • Seeks opportunities to learn and grow in the cannabis industry
  • Shares knowledge about new information related to cannabis laws
  • Maintains NACP membership in good standing
  • Regularly participates in cannabis-related professional development activities