The Certified Cannabis Health Consultant (CCHC) is a designation only given to individuals who have successfully met the requirements for NACP certification.
    Steps to Certification
    1. Review the certification requirements as outlined in the certification application.
    2. Complete the certification application.
    3. Provide proof of completion of NACP membership.
    4. Review and sign the ethical declaration.
    5. Pay the certification fee.
    6. Submit all documents and await approval to write the certification exam.
    7. Upon successful completion of the National Certification Examination, the designation of CCHC is awarded. The NACP CCHC designation denotes that the individual is certified to provide cannabis health-related consulting services.
    Who Can Become Certified?

    Certification is restricted to the following:
    Individuals with an unencumbered NACP membership, who have successfully completed the National Certification Examination.

    Apply for Certification